Compressed Natural Gas Chevy Trax

Green Bridge Technologies has teamed up with the Chevy Trax to produce a vehicle run completely by compressed natural gas (CNG).  This is something we have been waiting and asking for a long time.


The three-day event raises awareness among federal policymakers about alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicle technologies and how they help the nation move to more environmentally sustainable energy use while reducing dependence on imported oil.  At EIS, GBT representatives are showcasing a compressed natural gas (CNG) Chevy Trax.

The event is the first stop on a 30-day road tour that will travel up the Mid-Atlantic coast through Maryland, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Then it will head west through upstate New York and Pittsburgh before heading on to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois before finally heading back to the company’s base in New Hudson, Mich.

“This tour is the first in a series we’re coordinating across the country to introduce our brand and vehicle lineup to our Clean Cities Coalition and natural gas company allies,” says GBT CEO Albert Venezio. “It also provides prospective fleet customers the chance to get behind the wheel. Our sub-compact and compact sedans and SUVs fit a niche that no other NGV supplier currently fills,” adds Venezio.  “GBT is proud to offer CNG vehicles that are among the cleanest combustion vehicles in the world,” says GBT chairman Ralph Perpetuini.  GBT’s initial lineup of vehicles is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-certified to Tier 2 Bin 3 emissions levels.

Come get your green on at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville 1400 South Stemmons Fwy Lewisville, TX or give us a call at 972-538-7000 today!

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