Chevrolet Silverado ‘Special Ops” Concept is a Winner

With Veterans Day upon us, it is hard not to think about all of those soldiers who have and are still fighting to keep us safe.  Chevrolet did them a solid by having their SEMA concept painted in blue naval camouflage.  It is a tribute to the Navy Elite. reports that the camouflage treatment, a tri-colored blue, has been named “Razzle Dazzle.” The color was developed by the Navy more than a century ago as an optical effect to confuse the enemy about a ship’s direction, profile, and speed. This is achieved through a combination of light, medium, and dark shading. The focus of the truck’s design is to imagine a unique rescue vehicle for special operations forces. reported that Kid Rock visited Chevrolet’s assembly plant in order to meet the workers who built the vehicle. He shared both his experience and design vision for the Silverado.

“The Flint plant and everyone on the line is the backbone of America. I wanted the design for the truck to be bold, but with features and elements that wouldn’t be out of reach for working-class guys.  Visiting the Silverado factory was one of the coolest and most meaningful things I’ve done. This truck is all about celebrating the people who build it and the freedom it enables.”

One of the special, custom features added due to Kid Rock’s input was a chrome grille with the “Born Free” logo. Chevrolet stated that Kid Rock’s influence allowed them to design a vehicle that exhibited an industrial, made-in-Detroit aesthetic.

huffines2Look for it at the annual Army Navy football game on December 12 and come see what else Chevy is cooking up at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville 1400 South Stemmons Fwy Lewisville, TX or give us a call at 972-538-7000 today!

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