Battle of The Unbeaten Huffines

On September 28, 2013 there was tension in the air as two undefeated football teams finally met each other on the field.  The Huffines Chevrolet Longhorns and the Huffines Dodge Colts met for the first time this season and there was no love lost between these two teams.  The Battle of the Huffines was set to begin.

ImageThe Longhorns started off hot, scoring 19 points in the first half, but that didn’t last long.  The Dodge Colts held the Longhorns to zero second half points and for a moment it looked like the tide may turn.



Fortunately, despite the tough Colt defense the Longhorns D stepped up and held the Colts to only 6 points, sealing the Longhorns victory 19-6.

ImageJosh Johnson was the Chevy Player of the Game and his hard work was crucial in sealing this hard fought victory.  It is likely we will see a Battle of the Huffines re-match at the LFMFA Championship Game.  Until then, the Longhorns will enjoy being the only unbeaten Huffines team in Lewisville.

ImageMike Biggers, Director of Operations for Huffines Auto Dealerships Lewisville, presented the “Battle of the Huffines” Trophy to The Chevy Longhorns. And thanks to the Quaker Steaks & Lube located in Carrollton providing lunch, victory never tasted sweeter.

Huffines Chevrolet since 1924 supporting the youth in the community.

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