The Most Famous Bow Ties in History

The Bow Tie is considered by many to be an underrated piece of fashion and has been the tie of choice for many celebrities and fictional characters. Below is a list of a few of the best bow ties in history, which wasn’t easy to narrow down to just a few considering how many people we had to choose from. People like Charlie Chaplin, Donald Duck, Pee-wee Herman, Fred Astaire, and many others.

At long last, we present the best bow ties in history!

4) Bruce “Bow Tie” Bowen



Bruce Bowen is a retired NBA player, formerly playing for the San Antonio Spurs and now he is “Formally” working as an ESPN analyst, where he can be seen rocking a different bow tie on almost every different TV appearance.

3) The Joker



The larger than life arch-nemesis of Batman has been wearing a bow tie since he first appeared in comics in 1940. Not many people can pull off wearing a bow tie with a purple suit, but The Joker does it wonderfully. He earns a place on the list because his bow tie isn’t just the perfect accessory for the colorful villain, it’s also functional as it sprays out noxious “Joker Toxin” gas whenever he needs it.

2) Bond, James Bond



James Bond has been the epitome of manliness and suave for over 50 years now, through multiple novels and movies that have starred 6 different actors. (8 if you count the 1954 Television film and the 1967 Spoof of Casino Royale.) Pictured above is Daniel Craig, the latest actor who despite taking up the Bond mantle 50 years after Sean Connery, still rocks the iconic bow tie.

1) Chevrolet



This year marks the 100th year Chevrolet models have been adorned with the iconic bow tie badge. It’s estimated 215 million vehicles have been dressed up with this bow tie, making Chevrolet the best bow tie in history! Much like James Bond, Chevrolet is rugged and tough, with the perfect amount of suave and class.

You can class up your life with the most famous bow tie in history at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville. Visit our showroom at 1400 South Stemmons Freeway in Lewisville, Texas or give us a call at 972-538-7000 today!

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